My Inspection App can be customized to suit any type of Inspection

  • →  Pre-Purchase Building Inspections
  • →  Pre-PurchaseTimber Pest Inspection
  • →  Termite Inspections
  • →  Swimming Pool Barrier Inspections
  • →  Staged Inspections
  • →  Dilapidation Reports
  • →  Practical Completion Reports (PCI)
  • →  Strata Reports
  • →  Handover Inspections
  • →  Motor vehicle Inspection
  • →  Electrical Inspections
  • →  Plumbing Inspections
  • And much much more!

You can create any type of inspection with My Inspection App

Call us and discuss you template needs and we will be happy to assist in providing you with a custom made template should you require it.

NOTE: that any template provided in the app is purely for your consideration and is supplied only as a guide  and should not be relied on. You must ensure that any template used is vetted by a legal practitioner for compliance and complies with you insurers requirements.

Complete Your Inspection Reports Onsite With My Inspection App 

My Inspection App helps you use technology to help you finish any type of inspection report ONSITE. With My Inspection App, complete customisation is key. Its called My Inspection App because the ability to completely customise and create as many templates as you like makes it truly individual and uniquely yours.