Below is a list of frequently asked question. Please refer to these as they can normally clear any questions regarding MIA.

No, for security purposes and payment gateway reason you MUST request a cancellation using your username and password on www.myinspectionapp.com

You need to set up up your company details and insert your Logo. This is done when you first sign up, Alternatively you you can visit www.mytemplatewizard.com, login using the same username and password and add your logos and update the company information there.

Note: Its important that all information is filled provided as the app uses this information when generating your reports.

No No No. Unless you want your name as the inspector and your company details on their report, Very risky.

No. As with any pre-paid plan, any left over or remaining reports are forfeited and reset back to zero upon your monthly renewal.

My Inspection App is specifically designed for custom template creation. Visit the How To Videos link on our website for instructions.

When you first install MIA the iPhone asks if you would like to allow the MIA App to access your camera. You may have ticked NO to this by mistake, so we will need to turn this feature on.

please preform the following steps

On the home screen of the Iphone (Not the app) tap on Settings
Scroll down until you see the MIA Icon with My Inspection written next to it.
Tap on the icon
Make sure the camera and all the items are switched to on.

MIA uses the email host on your device to send reports. You simply need to set email up on your device.

Back up all the reports found in the “My Reports” tile  of the app. Once backed up, delete them from the app by pressing Edit , then Delete. Having too many reports slows the app down and if something happens to your device , you’ve lost the reports, Remember the Golden Rule. BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP

Of course just back up the templates you created, download the version you need the App Store for iOS, then send us an email and request a operating system change. once thats done you can restore your templates, add your details and get started.

Yes you may as long as they are both the same operating system, i.e. both apple or both Android, but please remember that its 1 user per license.

Yes you can go up or down on your plan as your circumstances change.

Nope: Just tick the remember me box at the login page, and you can use the app without internet, however you will need the device to be connected to internet to email, or backup reports. This usually happens when there is wireless network you are connected to, like you home or office

No there’s no contractual agreement. You can cancel any time.


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